My Story

Welcome to digitaldoc, a repository to express my ideas and reflections as a General Practitioner developing in the world of Digital Health. My name is Wesley Hutchinson, I have worked in the NHS for 11 years and presently combine this with work at Lancaster University - reading for a PhD in Digital Health.

I am passionate about both health and technology, but perhaps more importantly, the integration of the two. I am dedicated to improving health, how it is delivered and how we can work together, with the help of technology to provide real, beneficial, disruptive change to the National Health Service.

Innovation in health is no longer a luxury. It is imperative for the survival of our health service, we need to be accepting of change, evolution and rapid integration. We have to understand failure as part of this process, using it to learn and not to criticise.

I hope you share my vision. However, you may have visions of your own, or just want to see what I am doing, in any case you are more than welcome and I value your feedback.

If you would like to contribute an article, please contact me.