Welcome to digitaldoc

Hello! Welcome to digitaldoc, it’s great to have you :)

I know that first impressions are important, and that is why I have worked really hard to show you my vision. This is the start of my Manifesto posts that will help define what I hope to achieve with this site, you will be up to speed in no time. This is the first post!

There are a few things that you should know up-front:

  1. My aims are ambitious.
  2. My Manifesto is incomplete and likely to evolve over time.
  3. I know I will need help to achieve my vision, but I am not too proud to ask for, or accept it.
  4. If something resonates with you and you feel you would want to be involved, but aren’t sure how, or even better, if you are sure, I would love to hear from you.


  1. Be passionate: strength as an individual
  2. Challenge the limitations
  3. Do something
  4. Mitigate adverse outcomes
plan image

The Plan

My vision is to help develop the National Health Service to really focus on supporting both its patients and staff.

  • A service that strives for collaboration between all that are involved in the delivery of health.
  • That embraces new technology, rapidly integrating innovative ideas that provide benefit to staff and patients.
  • That strives for a culture of support, of recognition, of creativity and innovation; a culture that accepts ‘failure’ as a learning opportunity rather than a means to apportion blame.

My professional career and my PhD focus on improving patient outcomes and staff happiness through the use of technology. This blog will act to document the innovations and improvements from my own technology and that of others.

I want to create a Digital Health Community - a group of like-minded individuals, who come here first to find out what is happening and feel they want to contribute their findings with the common goal of improving the health of a nation through the use of technology.

The next thing you’ll probably want to read about next is Be Passionate.

Once you’re done reading the Manifesto, have a read of some of my other posts, particulary Health, Digital Health and PhD! Then follow, subscribe, comment, give feedback…